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The Institute of Public Health of University of Porto, ISPUP, is located in Rua das Taipas n.º 135, in a easy access area of the city.



How to get to ISPUP?


Your car can be parked in a private park (you have to paid).



The nearest metro station, São Bento (yellow line) is 700 meters away.

For more information visit the metro website


City Bus:

There are several bus lines serving the central Porto area. The bus stop, Cordoaria, lies approximately 50 meters from ISPUP. For more information please visit the STCP website:


Central railway(train) station is São Bento Station, ISPUP is 700 meters.


Near ISPUP there is taxi service that can transport you to your destination.



Connection to city centre from the International Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro:

- City bus (STCP): Line 601 - 05H30/ 23H30 - Rotunda AEP, Boavista, Cordoaria.
Line 602 - 05H30/ 20H45 - Prelada, Cordoaria.
                           Line 604 - 06H00/ 00H00 - Hospital de S. João
                           Line 3M - 00H30/ 04H30 - Prelada, Cordoaria.


- Metro (line violet) connection to Porto centre. Timetable 06H/ 01H30 a.m.


- Taxi, wich will cost about 25 euros.




The Oporto Poets Hostel is located in Rua dos Caldeireiros n.º 261, in a easy access area of the city.

For more informations please visit the website:


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Advanced Course in Toxicology


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